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School Name  :  Necip Fazıl Kısakürek İmam Hatip Ortaokulu

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Necip Fazıl Kısakurek Imam Hatip Secondary School is in the Lalebahce district of central Meram district.Lalebahce is one of the oldest districts of Meram. The district is a little away from the city centre and an area with single or double storey residents,where settlement is not very dense. This district is the first stop of the immigrants from the rural to the urban.The families living here are mostly those who try to adapt to urban life.

Our school is a four-year-old Imam Hatip Secondary school,which was founded in 2013.There are 800 students between the ages of 11 and 15 studying at our school.Most of our students live in the nearby neighbourhoods,while some are mobile education students,who live in the nearby villages,and a small part of our students live in dormitories away from their families.There are also a number of refugees among our students.Our school is the only secondary school within the neighbourhood.Its mission is not only self-development but also the development of its neighbourhood.The parents of our students are mostly labourers,farmers and small business owners.Many previous experiences have shown that awareness on education should be raised among the parents.Keeping education not within school only,but continuing it in the daily life can prevent many problems encountered or may be encountered.This can produce the maximum benefits for the students.Accordingly,our school started Public Education Courses in order to contribute to the socio-economic status of the families.These courses enable housewives develop their potentials and contribute to their family budgets.

Additionally,the parents are provided with family education programs within the scope of psycho-social services.In the multi-purpose hall of our school,we offer trainings on developmental levels of their children,within-family education,methods and techniques for learning, the parents.Consequently,our schools support well-being of the parents and provide them with access to public services.Taken that education goes on not only at school but also in life,our school provide our students with a better education by meeting their deprivation resulting from poverty.With this education, basic skills of the students are developed and they can integrate with the society.The building of our school,where we enable these developments,consists of 39 classrooms,2 science laboratories,1 library,1technological design atelier,1 multi-purpose hall,9 administrative rooms,1 Turkish practice room,1 music room,2 prayer rooms and 1 garden,where our students can play games in peace and joy.With a new practice we started this year,there are 4 language classes,which have extra foreign language lessons at 5th grade.3 administrative personnel,42 teachers and 5 assisting personnel serve on tenure at our school.Teaching staff mostly consists of innovative,strong,young and dynamic,vision holder teachers,who are open to improvement.Some of our teachers hold master degrees.This contributes to the academic development of our students.

The vision of our school is providing our students with a quality education and raising individuals who can make difference for the society.Our school principal had attended EU Project Writing Courses before we started preparing for the project.The principal provided all school personnel with the information and knowledge obtained from this course.EU Projects Commission of our school consists of teachers who are the leaders in their areas. The project staff consists of 4 personnel. Additionally,there are other teams working on different projects within the school.With the Improving Quality in Education Project, practiced in the province,we try to develop reading habits among both students and their parents.Within the scope of the Civilization School Project, carried by Konya Metropolitan Municipality,a Z-Library was founded at our school, which is actively used by the all parties at school actively.Our Values Education Project Team carries studies on a different value every month.Their studies are supported by Civilization School Theatre Team with a play on the value of that month.Our school also conducts projects with institutions,which provide financial project support,such as KOP and TUBITAK. 

Our students are also provided with education on social skills.We offer visual arts and sports courses after classes.Moreover, we closely follow local and national knowledge, painting, poetry, letter writing,short film contests and participate in these.Our objectives include raising individuals,who have academic achievement,are proficient in foreign languages,and have social sensitivity,in accordance with their individual characteristics,at the school climate with our staff,who are equipped,self sacrificing,open to improvements,and solution focused.We believe this project can contribute to attaining our objectives.