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School Name  :  Agrupamento de Escolas de Samora Correia

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Adress           :  Bairro  das acácias  Samora Correia / PORTUGAL

The school is located in a suburban area, where agriculture has for long beeb the predominant economical activity. However, there are now several industrial companies which employ a significant number of people. With easy access, both by public transports and nearby highways, to Lisbon, there are also many people who live in Samora Correia and commute to the capital city of Portugal. Over the last years there has been an increase of population due to immigrants coming, mainly, from Eastern Europe countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine), and also from African countries and Brasil. The gipsy community is also significant. The area benefits from its proximity of Lisbon, and easy access to social and cultural services. Nevertheless, many people don't often take advantage of this proximity, and have no access to cultural and artistic events, as well as opportunities for further education. This often results in social exclusion.

European cooperation is expected to develop critical cultural awareness, as well as intercultural dialogue and competences. The contact with otherness, in the European context should foster curiosity over other ways of living and perceiving the world around us, as well as allow for questioning one's cultural assumptions and co-constructing more complex and richer identities. A sense of European citizenship is also expected to be developed through international cooperation, with aims, also, at educating for critical, participative, creative and global citizenship.

The teachers involved in this project have got a good command of English and/or French, and they have acquired a practical knowledge about this type of experiences thanks to the participation in Comenius projects and Erasmus Projects since 2008.