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School Name  :  Primary School ‘’Goce Delchev ‘’

Tephone        :  +38 978323801

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Adress           :  Mechkin Kamen 2  Prilep / FORMER YUGOLSAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA


            Primary school “Goce Delchev” is a public school located in the city of Prilep, Macedonia. Aproximately 800 students and 67 employees:  teachers, pedagogue, psychologist, special needs teacher, administration who study and work in the renewed facilities including gymnasium, tennis court, outdoor baloon gymnasium, classrooms equiped with computers and didactical materials, IWB classrom, biochemical laboratory, technical education, physics, mathematics, ICT, music and art labaratories. Students are ages 6-14, the grading concept is 3+3+3 (3 years of descriptive assessment + 3 years of descriptive and numerical assessment -first semestar and final semestar and  3 years of numerical assessment).  The school pays great attention to continuous professsional development of the managerial staff, the teachers and the pedagogical depratment and administration participating in numerous seminars, conferences, workshops and courses on national and international level. The curriculum is fixed by the Bureau for Educational Development in Macedonia and the Ministry of Education and Science. However, the school and the teachers practice active teaching with interactive learning using inovative techniques and methods and ICT, planned annualy, monthly and on daily basses.

- State Education Inspectorate and the Ministry of Education and Science assess the quality of schools in Macedonia through thorough examination of seven areas: curricula, student achievements, learning and teaching, students support, school climate, resources and management, and the management of the school and our school is in the top three best schools in Macedonia. The school has also been awarded the prestigious “3rd November” award for infrastructural, organizational and educational achievements by the City Council and the Major of the Municipality of Prilep in 2011. Due to the achievements, the Pincipal of our school has been chosen to mentor the future candidates for principals in different primary schools in Macedonia, project for Empowerment of the system for quality assurance and control of the educational system by the State Examination Center of Macedonia in partnership with Lithvania within IPA twinnig light, EU.

- The school has often been awarded as well as chosen for pilot projects usually ran by the government and the Ministry of Education And Science and has successfully participated in various other projects: Interethnic integration in education with a partner school with students from different ethnicity by USAID and Ministry of Education and Science and the Government; To Leadership Through Reading for lower classes (elementary school) by UNICEF and “Step by Step” Foundation; ECO – Integration of ecological education into Macedonian Educational System implemented in only 20 schools in Macedonia by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Government; Inclusion of special needs children, children with learning disabilities and disadvantaged students by the Government and the Ministry of Education and Science; Assistive technology for special needs students by USAID, Bureau for Educational Development of Macedonia and NGO “Open the windows” and many others, twinning partnerships and mobility and signed Memorandums for Cooperation with schools from Turkey and Italy,  eTwinning ambassadors, eTwinning awards.