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School Name  :  Osnovna škola Antuna Kanižlića

Tephone        :  +38 534312030           

Fax                :  +38 534273681

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Adress           :  Antun Kanizlic Street 2  Pozega / CROATIA


Primary school Antun Kanižlić is one of four elementary schools in Požega (20 000 inhabitants). It is the largest and the oldest school in the city that employs 66 people (teaching staff, pedagogue, psychologist, special education teacher and school librarian, administrative and technical staff) and provides education for 592 pupils aged 6-15 years. Classes are organized in two shifts in the main and in one shift in the branch school. There are 32 pupils with special needs who are educated with tailored programs and integrated into regular classes, and there are also 10 pupils included into the program for gifted children. Pupils start learning English from the first grade (at the age of 6). The school provides an opportunity for the development of children's involvement in optional classes (Computer Science, German, and Religious Education) and extra-curricular activities (entrepreneurs, school cooperatives, creative workshops, school sports association, and technical culture workshops).