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Project Information


The aim of the project is to enable learners to learn foreign language based on communicative skills and to use this foreign language in their daily life, apart from classical methods. The method we use is based on the assumption that the learners are comfortable, that they are worried about how they learn, or to use which grammatical rule is proper, that the teacher is an observer rather than an authority, that the students who are not corrected by the authorities but rather correct their own mistakes. We believe that communicative language skills are learned through techniques such as drama, role play and improvisation in environments created by various learning materials. For this purpose, the foreign language classes Erasmus + Street, which we have created, allow students to use foreign languages in their daily lives. The classes consists of 4 sections:

1- Shopping mall: In this class, which is made up of materials like shopping mall, students will be able to use all kinds of shopping dialogue types.

2- Hotel & Library: In the classroom, which is similar to a reception, cafe, library and animated corner with materials, students will be able to perform dialogue such as accommodation, ordering something by using drama, role playing and improvisation techniques.

3- Mini City: It consists of a class designed as a real city consisting of theater, cinema, restaurant, stadium, post office, monument, park made of models. Students will be able to get to know the buildings and enter the dialogue, such as asking for directions.

4- Corridor Walls: These walls include the country map, the weather corner, the emotion corner, and the word tree corner, which teaches concepts such as foreign-language districts, cities, towns, mountains and lakes.

Learning materials used in Erasmus + Street are also taught in the form of hidden learning and many subjects taught in the curriculum in this way. For example, the names of animals and family members are displayed in the animation section by puppet shows, the names of vehicles are found in the roads such as cars, trains, etc. with models, colors, fruits and vegetables.

To summarize the mobility plans and LTT activities, we have one mobility plan for each country because Erasmus + Street formation and monitor meetings will be held in partner countries. Three people from each country will participate in 3 LTT activities.

1. The LTT Activity: In Spain, we will have developed ourselves about the importance of using foreign Language as communicative language skill in everyday life.

2.The LTT Activity: We will have information about drama events in Croatia and we will be able to use the drama technique effectively.

3. LTT Activity: How should be the use of materials in foreign language teaching in Italy? We will learn how to organize the foreign language teaching classrooms named Erasmus + Street in an optimal way.

The project addresses not only the students at the school but also the families, teachers, and all stakeholders in the local, regional, national and international arena. All the stakeholders will be informed of and will be able to model these innovative foreign language classes and teaching techniques, as the videos on Erasmus + Street are uploaded to their websites. In addition, the European Language Day festivals and all the stakeholders will emphasize the importance of foreign language.