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School Name  : Istituto Comprensivo Statale di San Martino di Lupari

Tephone        :  +39 0495952124         

Fax                :  +39 0499460484

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Adress           :  Via Firenze n.1 San Martino di Lupari / ITALY

The Comprehensive School in San Martino di Lupari is the largest comprehensive institute of  Veneto Region: it includes three Pre-schools, four Primary Schools and a Secondary School first level located in the city center. School teachers always operate in close collaboration with Local Authorities which always support and disseminate students' and teachers' activities. Students attending the Secondary school (about 450) study 4 European languages and the school has a very well equipped science lab, interactive boards, computer rooms. The school is also attended by students with special needs (cognitive problems, physical problems and/or difficult social or familiar background) who participate in all classroom activities. The staff includes support teachers specifically trained. Their team work is really precious for supporting the inclusion of students with special needs. All the teachers work in close collaboration with psychologist and neuropsychologist of the local Health department. The teachers involved in this project have a long year experience in teaching. The evaluation process, defined by the National System of Evaluation, starts with self-assessment. The tool documenting this process is the self-evaluation report ( SER ).